Cialis was developed exclusively for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and elimination of its symptoms. It contains a chemical compound that relaxes the arteries in the penis, which contributes to a stronger blood flow to your sexual organ. As a result - a long powerful erection that will contribute to the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. The drug begins to act in half an hour after intake, which will be marked by an increased desire for sexual stimulation.

Before starting treatment, consult with your doctor or get advice online, whether you are suitable for this drug. It will depend on your state of health, the treatment of other medicines and the medical history in general.

The main difference from other tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is that the period of action of Cialis is up to 36 hours. This excludes daily admission and scheduling for the time of your sex life. This gives extra flexibility and allows spontaneous sex during the period of action.

The safety of this drug is proved by laboratory tests and does not cause addiction, or other adverse reactions. Nevertheless, it is very important that you buy it only from an authoritative source, to avoid buying dangerous counterfeit drugs and counterfeits.

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