Manufacturer - Eli Lilly (USA) Amount in the package - 4 tablets Active ingredient - "Tadalafil" Amount of active ingredient - 20 mg Effect - increase of potency, erection, treatment of pulmonary hypertension Time of action - up to 36 hours Accept for - 30- 60 minutes (best effect for 1.3-2 hours). Compatibility with alcohol - yes, in small quantities. Do not combine with fatty foods. Original preparation Cialis from Eli Elly is one of the most widely known drugs for the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in men in all world.

Detailed description of the unique drug Cialis brand - the original. Cialis appeared in retail sales relatively recently, and initially few people paid attention to the white-green packaging of the drug, which was located next to the popular Viagra. Viagra was the clear leader among drugs, for men, she could give joy from sex. For any man, problems with erection become the most traumatic psychological factor. Neither the decrease in libido, nor the problems with excitation, nor the quality with erection leads to such traumas as the erection can lead to. Modern science considers the violation of potency not only as a physiological problem, but also as a psychological one.

The main problems of erection are various vascular diseases, circulatory disorders, a lack of testosterone. Statistics are inexorable, with each year the number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction increases, while the age threshold is significantly reduced.